The unseen, untold and sometimes unexpected truth about University of Salford’s impact

How did your organisation deliver social value?

Our city, our city, our region, your university

University of Salford have always done the unexpected. Their forward-thinking approach has powered progress for nearly 125 years. Today, their unstoppable institution is bolstered by countless industry initiatives and innovative research programmes, building a thriving education community in Salford, and beyond.

The University of Salford have global reach, but with a history that is firmly embedded in the industrial past of Greater Manchester. As they have grown as an institution, so too has their impact and they have produced this report to demonstrate the ways in which they transform lives through education and research.

Watch the video below:

Salford Social Impact from University Of Salford on Vimeo.

Read the Social and Economic Impact report now.

Which of the 10% Better Outcomes does your pledge relate to?

  • MORE local people from vulnerable groups accessing new jobs, apprenticeships, training and work experience placements
  • MORE recycling
  • LESS waste – fuel, rubbish, energy, water, etc
  • MORE green travel – buses, trams, trains, bikes, lift shares, electric vehicles, walking etc