10% Better Campaign

We want to tackle the inequality and poverty in Salford and improve wellbeing and quality of life for the people who live here and our aim is to maximise the local benefit from all money spent in Salford. If we can involve the many private sector businesses, public sector organisations, as well as voluntary and community groups and social enterprises working here in Salford, our chance of success will be greater.

So we are asking you to lead your organisation in pledging to make Salford 10% Better.

Our aim is to support:

PEOPLE Building community spirit, increasing strength and resilience.
PLANET Improving environmental sustainability and the impact of the local environment on people's wellbeing.
PROSPERITY Increasing local economic benefits and the number of quality employment opportunities, reducing poverty for local citizens.

It doesn’t matter how small your pledge is, every little action will go towards making Salford a better place. Join us now by completing a pledge.

Join us now

The 10% Better Campaign invites you to do your bit for our environment, our community, our Salford by implementing the following principles:

  • optimising the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of Salford and its people in everything that we do

  • thinking long-term – turning investment into long-lasting outcomes

  • working together across sectors to provide social value outcomes

  • having values including inclusion, openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others

Please also consider signing the City Mayor’s Employment Standards Charter