Social Value in Salford

Salford Social Value Alliance recognise that there are already a large number of organisations in Salford with a real, tangible commitment to Social Value.

These organisations exist across private, public and third sectors and across different interests and are committed to, as far as possible, delivering social, economic and environmental value for the people of Salford. Many may not call what they do ‘Social Value’, yet they are characterised by a deep-rooted cultural impetus to ‘make a difference’ and strong, inclusive leadership which recruits and develops a cultural drive to ‘do good’ for local people.

The common features of the culture and practice of Social Value organisations are:

  • Leadership – recognising the importance and value of every individual’s voice, creating a democratic and empowering approach to delivery.
  • Energy – authenticity and passion in the way work is done.
  • Involvement – without any requirement, people become involved in local social life and neighbourhood networks in order to support their local community, or shape their personal lifestyle to reflect the organisation’s ethos.
  • Engagement – people understand the pressures, needs and challenges that other individuals face, and adapt their approach accordingly.
  • Openness, accessibility and flexibility – constantly changing and developing, according to continuous feedback from a wide range of people.
  • Natural respect – towards local people as individuals who are able to contribute to both their own and their community’s development.

Salford Social Value Alliance wants to promote these values and has commissioned research into Salford organisations that have these values at their heart. To find out more about the research read our case studies.