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By 2021, the University of Salford pledge to:

  • Offer at least 10% more degree apprenticeships and have at leas 10% more local people from Salford enrolled on these courses
  • Undertake at least 10% more outreach events with local schools and colleges to raise aspirations in relation to Higher Education and continue with Salford targeted outreach activities with mature learners, including working with Inspiring Communities Together and the Broughton Trust
  • Increase the research output of our work as part of the Anti-Poverty Taskforce by at least 10% and seek to develop further research projects, helping provide the City Council with the evidence base to support its strategic priorities and make a real difference to people’s lives.
  • Increase energy efficiency across the University as a whole by at least 10%
  • Increase the amount of waste recycled across the University by at least 10%
  • Reduce the number of staff and students travelling to campus in single-occupancy vehicles by at least 10%
  • Ensure that social value is embedded in the joint campus/Chapel Street masterplan through the new School of Built Environment/University Estates Department PhD student project.