Salford Social Value Alliance

Objectives and Action Plan

Each year the Alliance publishes an Action Plan to help meet its objectives.

In 2016-2017 the Alliance’s Objectives are;

  1. Supporting Leadership – this means actively helping others to lead a social value approach in their own organisation or community through the alliance website, events, peer mentoring or training
  2. Networking and getting people involved – using Alliance meetings and website to engage with new people and organisations both within and outside of Salford
  3. Promoting social value – helping everyone to understand social value and its potential benefits, and influencing major projects which will generate social value for Salford and its people
  4. Getting the ‘nuts and bolts’ right in Salford – including:
  • Helping to shape public sector arrangements – particularly commissioning and procurement
  • Building understanding and ability to articulate social value in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE)

To download a copy of the Alliance’s Action Plan for 2016-2017 COMING SOON