Broughton Trust

The Broughton Trust was set up in 1999 and provides adult learning, youth work, employment support and community development services across East Salford.

The Trust offers courses ranging from confidence building introductions such as Salsa, through to basic skills and ESOL classes, to certificated Open College and NVQ provision with a work focus.

How does the Broughton Trust achieve Social Value outcomes

  • Services developed by community led research
  • Person centred
  • Training pathway for users
  • User delivered services
  • Staff come from and live in local area, embody values
  • Non-hierarchical
  • ‘No barriers’ approach

What do people say about the Broughton Trust

No one gets turned away that’s the good thing, not matter what you’ll get help.’

We’re here to serve.’

It’s not about jobs it’s about humanity offering your hand to someone.’