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Salford Community Leisure have recently published their Impact Report for 2017/2018 highlighting their commitment to social value and their support for our 10% Better Campaign .

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CVS One Page

Salford CVS’s Social Value Programme and One Page Social Impact Reports

Salford CVS are supporting voluntary and community groups, social enterprises (VCSE) and public sector organisations in Salford to understand and promote their Social Value.

One of the most popular tools they have introduced to Salford is the One Page Social Impact Report. Click here to read Salford CVS’s own One Page Social Impact Report.

To find out more about Salford CVS’s Social Value programme and read more One Page Social Impact Reports from VCSE organisations across Salford click here

The concept behind One Page Social Impacts Reports was developed by our friends at Intentionality.


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Salford Council Health Improvement Team’s Red Pepper Project

The report provides a summary of the findings from a Social Value evaluation, undertaken by Salford Health Improvement Service. It assesses the social and economic impact of their family weight management programme, ‘Red Pepper’.

Read the Red Pepper Social Value Report here

They aimed;

  • To help children who are above a healthy weight to reduce their BMI
  • To support families to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • To build positive networks and partnerships
  • To be a responsible employer and contribute to the Salford economy

The evaluation has demonstrated the potential for a relatively small, community based provision to make a contribution to local strategic priorities not only in the field of health and wellbeing, but also in the wider social economic environment.


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Salford Community Leisure is Dementia Friendly

As a committed partner to the Salford Social Value Alliance they are focussed on improving the health and well being of residents to enable them to lead healthier and more active lives with less need for reliance on support services. For example they work with many people living with dementia and run projects including;

  • Memories Matter
  • House Of Memories
  • Dementia Friendly Swimming
  • Healthy Hips & Hearts
  • and more………..

SCL are committed to being Dementia Friendly. A programme of internal training is well underway to ensure their employees are aware of issues that may affect people living with dementia and how best to accommodate their needs in their venues and services. They are also auditing their venues to see how they can make them as accessible and user-friendly for people living with dementia as possible.

Click here to find out about the Social Value they add to the lives of people living with dementia