The Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Volunteering

This case study was taken from the Salford Volunteering Strategy.

Diana is an activities volunteer at Barton Brook Care Home and has been volunteering for 3 months. In such a relatively short amount of time Diana has come a long way in terms of her health and wellbeing.

After suffering the loss of her father Diana had a breakdown, she was diagnosed with depression and suffered panic attacks to the extent that she became a prisoner in her own home. If Diana did go out she couldn’t go out alone and so depended on her partner and friends.

Diana’s journey back to health began with Start in Salford where she attends as a member. After Volunteer Centre Salford did a talk about volunteering Diana decided to find out more. Diana was reassured that she could take things at her own pace and she was fully supported by the Volunteer Centre throughout the application process.

Three months into volunteering Diana says:

“I feel much calmer, my panic attacks have reduced and my confidence is building. I feel like a different person, I didn’t think I had it in me. I wake up with a smile on my face now, I don’t lock myself away and I love talking to the older people and doing craft activities with them. I’m using skills I didn’t think I had. Six months ago I never thought I would be doing anything like this, I was in a dark place and I felt helpless but now I might be 4ft 11 but I feel 6ft tall”.

Barton Brook Care Home have been so impressed with Diana that they invited her to apply for a part time paid position that became available – and the job of Activities Assistant is now hers!