Tenants at Bourke Gardens extra care scheme celebrate ageing.

How did your organisation deliver social value?

Tenants at Bourke Gardens extra care scheme in Walkden took part in 10 activities to celebrate ageing. This was part of Ambition for Ageing’s programme to create more age-friendly places in our city region and empowering people across Greater Manchester to live fulfilling lives as they age.

39 tenants took part in 10 activities. The following sets out the difference these activities made in the word of participants and how they contribute to the 10% Better campaign.

Made use of green spaces to learn and enjoy the outdoors

Tenants took part in gardening delivered by Incredible Education.

“I made a miniature garden in a pot and gave it to one of my daughters”

“I really enjoyed walking around the gardens”.

Increased physical exercise through arm chair exercises, also held outside

“It was very good with age activities”, “They had an exercise class outside with chairs”, “Found exercise class most rewarding”, “I enjoyed walked around the gardens”.

Socialising with others to support wellbeing

Tenants from another scheme visited and they joined up for the events which also included forming a choir and sharing sensory animals visiting for the day. Tenants said they most enjoyed “the chat with people from another scheme”,

“Lovely to meet new residents from elsewhere”, Meeting people and animals, especially the Rat Dog”.

Recycled to reduce waste

The Mustard Tree which sells recycled furniture provided a collection services for furniture tenants no longer wanted.


Some tenants met up and knitting clothes for the Bolton Neonatal Unit.

Overall the tenants had a great day, which they summed up with positive images of ageing:

“People with varying degrees of disability all enjoying the day”

“That you can do things that you enjoy and not sit in your room and moan”

“All the other people playing with the pets”

“Seeing people enjoying being together, laugh and talking about experiences”

Which of the 10% Better Outcomes does your pledge relate to?

  • More volunteering
  • More recycling