SROI Practitioner Training

Want to make your organisation’s activities more effective for your stakeholders? Interested in demonstrating your hard work to partners, funders and social investors?

As a charity or social enterprise, a continual concern is how to improve the quality of service you provide for your stakeholders. Combined with a pressure to spend money wisely, it can sometimes be difficult to see where to innovate in your organisation. Given the additional pressures of maintaining accountability and transparency to investors and board members, this can lead an organisation to rocky waters.

SROI, or Social Return on Investment, can provide a solution. It is a framework for measuring, managing, reporting and accounting for social value which engages with stakeholders and analyses your activities through their eyes. This information can then guide an organisation’s strategy, inform difficult decisions about where to invest resources to maximise social value and even act as an evaluative tool to highlight areas for improvement.


Our 2-day practitioner training provides a thorough overview of SROI from two main angles. Day one is a practical, step-by-step introduction to the SROI process, beginning with some theory and going onto the hands-on development of an impact map – the heart of the SROI process – and exploration of appropriate real life examples.

Day two covers more in depth theoretical issues behind SROI including valuation techniques and overclaiming, as well as discussing examples of best practice at different levels of rigour and for different audiences.

All training is delivered by Social Value UK Accredited SROI Practitioners and is suitable for any experience level.

How to Book and More Information

The cost for the 2 day training including 1 years membership of Social Value UK is £575 +VAT.

For enquiries about availability, bookings or cost please contact Clare Bentley, 0151 703 9229,