Powerful Communities, Strong Economies report

The ‘Powerful Communities, Strong Economies’ report provides a framework that local authorities can use to commission for economic resilience and community organisations can use to evidence their local economic impact.

Locality have been working with six local authorities to halt the trend towards outsourcing services at scale to multi-national companies. Outsourcing not only leads to poor quality services, it also means scarce public resources are leaking out of hard-pressed local economies. This report shows how councils can ensure the billions of pounds they spend each year on services has maximum community benefit.

The report includes action research, supported by Friends Provident Foundation, that highlights the contribution community organisations make to the local economy – by employing local people, using local supply chains, and providing spaces for small businesses and social enterprises to prosper. For example, an analysis conducted by NEF Consulting found that 10 Locality members collectively enabled approximately 1,400 jobs and approximately £120m of gross value added to the local economy through their tenant organisations.

Final summary report – PDF

Key highlights from the Powerful Communities, Strong Economies report

Final full report – PDF

The full Powerful Communities, Strong Economies report