‘Pledge to be Social in Salford’ Report

Salford Social Value Alliance are privileged to be working with such a committed and creative group of partners, without whom Salford would not be undertaking such an ambitious programme of embedding and achieving social value.

To this end, we are in collaboration continuously striving to look for relevant social, environmental and economic value from everything that we do, including service delivery, commissioning and procurement – aiming to use the ‘Salford pound’ to obtain the greatest benefit for local citizens.

This report provides details of:

  • what is the ‘Pledge to be Social in Salford’?
  • who and which organisations in Salford made pledges,
  • what organisations in Salford actually pledged,
  • what organisations in Salford actually achieved through their pledges during 2016, and
  • some suggested recommendations in respect to enhancing the continued operation of the ‘Pledge to be Social in Salford’ approach going forward.

The Alliance hopes that you find this review useful and encouragement towards your continued social value journey.

Download the Salford Social Value Pledge Report 2016