Nominations for Social Value Awards 2017: open now

Nominations are now open for the Social Value Awards 2017. These awards recognise and celebrate good practice in commissioning and providing social value.

The categories are:

  • Social Value Leadership Award for an Organisation
  • Social Value Leadership Award for an Individual
  • Promoting and Mainstreaming Social Value Act Award
  • Driving Value for Money Award

Nominate a person or organisation for the award here.

or download the application form here and submit to

Deadline for nominations is 9th January 2017

Winners will be announced at the Social Value Summit on 9th February 2017 –  find out more and buy your ticket here.


Self nominations are accepted. Please contact if you have any further questions.

Category 1 Social Value Leadership for an Organisation
An organisation that has demonstrated leadership in its commissioning of or delivery of social value.

  • An organisation that goes beyond the requirements of the Social Value Act
  • Evidence that social value has influenced the broader work of the organisation and the sector they work in
  • Evidence of creative and innovative use of social value
  • Evidence that social value outcomes are making a difference
Category 2 Promoting and Mainstreaming the Social Value Act Award
Any organisation doing work that promotes the uptake of the Social Value Act


  • Social value at heart of business strategy
  • Proactive about sharing own learning and experiences related to social value
  • Demonstrates the use of social value in achieving their own objectives
  • Supports others to understand strategic importance of social value
Category 3 Social Value Leadership Award for an Individual
An individual who has worked to further the use of social value within their own organisation and/or more broadly, as a champion and advocate.


  • Instrumental in leading and engaging others in social value
  • Demonstrates dedication to social value and the role it can play in their organisation/sector
  • Evidence of pioneering social value as approach for others to adopt
Category 4 Driving Value for Money
Any business or organisation that has made or contributed to savings being made/generated significant additional value for their community by their use of social value.


  • Able to articulate and evidence the value of the social/environmental outcomes that have been achieved
  • Evidence that they are leading the way in communicating and demonstrating their social value