Our Money, Our Future – Chris White’s review of the Social Value Act

The author of the Social Value Act, Chris White has written this review of the Act’s effect on public sector spending.

In this report, he recommends that:

  • The Act needs to be extended to all public spending, and also to decision making.
  • The Act needs to be strengthened requiring commissioners to “account for” not just “consider” social value.
  • Social value needs to be included in devolution deals.
  • These changes need to be supported by clearer statutory guidance by central government.
  • A biennial State of Social Value Audit conducted independently but with the support of the Government.

The review also highlights the work being done in the North West and references Salford specifically:

the pioneering work of the likes of Salford, whose cross-sectoral approach has led the way in local authorities. (page 20)

devolved areas have been at the heart of that change. Local authorities like Oldham and Salford influencing and informing wider Greater Manchester work.” (page 20)

the measurement consensus being built by organisations like Social Value UK and the Social Audit Network (both based in the North West).” (page 20)

Click here to download the review