Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the launch of their Social Value Awards

The awards formally recognise the hard work and time that Chamber members give towards initiatives which benefit the wider community, to help inspire the region’s future workforce, and the opportunities they create. Projects such as Careers Connect can make a huge difference to the careers decisions taken by young people at key points in their school lives.


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Joy Sewart, Head of Skills and Development at the Chamber, said: “Every day, we witness first-hand the fantastic contribution individuals and businesses make to help Greater Manchester thrive economically, socially and environmentally. Because of this, we set out to find a way to celebrate their contribution and an awards scheme was created. We’re delighted to announce that over 100 organisations have already received their awards and we’re confident that through this exciting new scheme, many more businesses will begin to recognise the importance of contributing to the wider community in whatever way they can.”


The Awards are available to all Members who actively get involved in one of the Chamber’s community initiatives. Getting involved couldn’t be simpler and the more time a Member commits the greater the award level: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards are available.


If you’d like to find out more about the Awards or how you can get involved, please go to or send an email to