Salford City Council – Social Value

Social Value involves looking beyond making decisions based on financial cost and instead at the wider benefit to a community.

social-value scc

Salford City Council wants to continue making a difference for Salford and its people. It aims to achieve the most social, environmental and economic value when council funds are spent to make the city a better place in which to live and work. This could mean for example, making sure that local people get jobs when money is spent on new building schemes, or bringing businesses to the city and making sure that those companies reinvest some of their profits back in other services in the community.

The council’s commitment to social value was acknowledged at the Social Enterprise Awards 2016 when it won the ‘Buy Social’ Market Builder award category. This was for its support of and for social enterprise in Salford, by endeavouring to create more opportunities to buy from social enterprises and businesses in Salford, via their council-wide social value approach.