Lower Kersal Young People’s Group


Lower Kersal Young People’s Group (LKYPG) is a local community group that have been running trips and activities since 2004.

The group deliver activities such as Monday/Tuesday youth clubs with a cafe, where young people can play, do arts and crafts and socialise.

How does LKYPG achieve Social Value outcomes

  • Volunteer run
  • Community led and delivered
  • Collaborative
  • Multi generational
  • Pathway designed activities
  • Local staff with strong interpersonal relationships within community

What do people say about LKYPG

I think I’ve stayed for so long because it has become a part of me’.

It’s improved my social skills, so I am better with people and stuff like that, it’s made me a better person’.

The community spirit that’s involved in the group, everyone is family and I suppose that’s what’s special’.