Promoting Your Social Value, Social Impact and Social Accounting Masterclass – Register Your Interest – February 2017

GMCVO Training is pleased to welcome DOVETAIL as a new training partner.
We are gathering interest and finalising details and will be running this masterclass on a Wednesday afternoon in February, once we get enough numbers.
To register your interest in our Social Value, Social Impact Workshop, please complete the simple online form and we will let you know once details and dates are finalised.
This half day course follows on from the half day Introduction to Social Accounting and Audit masterclass, and will be delivered on the same day.

This training course is designed to demonstrate the added benefits that promoting your social value, for example through impact reports or social accounting, can bring.

Make sure that you don’t just do the hard graft and that you also enjoy the added profile, publicity and increasing partnership and funding opportunities, as well as contributing to the growth, status and profile of social value itself!


Participants will be asked to complete a form the week before the course detailing:

  • Yourself and your organisation
  • Where you are up to in the social value/impact and social accounting process
  • What experience you’ve had with promoting stories to date
  • Particular concerns with regard to this – risks, stories backfiring,

Bring along stories used and seen – which will be referred to in the session.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the added value that promoting social accounting can bring
  2. Know how to identify appropriate stories and media, knowing how to time a story and how to prepare those involved
  3. To be prepared for following up media stories, for making the best use of coverage and exposure, as well as understanding potential risks and pitfalls
  4. Making the best use of partners, working with others for wider promotion.
  5. To have learnt and shared from and with others in the sector, and to have an understanding of the wider peer group responsibilities and benefits of promoting social accounting as a whole.

Course Details

You go to all the effort to gather information on your social value and social impact, or maybe you’ve started – or even finished – your social accounts. These are big tasks which require a new approach, which is difficult to fit into the demands of every day. And even when you’ve finished – what real benefits are you going to see, apart from the inner satisfaction of having done the right thing?

Here are three important points to spur you on:

1. Sharing and promoting your findings completes the process of assessing social value/impact and undertaking social accounting, enabling you to reap the many benefits it can yield.

2. Unlike the competitive commercial world – this market is not finite, in fact it’s the opposite – expanding with each new story.

3. … by promoting your social vale/impact and accounting stories you are contributing to the overall ’movement’, in that you are helping to bring it more into the mainstream, to get to better known and more widely accepted, and this is turn, will bring added benefits to everyone.

Presented at pace but in a discursive style, the masterclass will show you how to use your stories of social value to best effect and demonstrate the added benefits that promoting your social value can bring.

Trainer: Julia Brosnan of Dovetail
Times: 13:15pm-16:30pm
Fee: £79
Venue: St Thomas Centre, Ardwich Green North, M12 6FZ
Date: One afternoon in February on a Wednesday (finalised details, a date will be confirmed with you nearer the time and once we have enough numbers to run this masterclass)

1st February to 22nd February 2017. Starting at 1pm and ending at 4pm.
GMCVO, Ardwick Green North, Manchester, United Kingdom.