Salford Social Value Alliance

Salford Social Value Alliance is a partnership between the public sector, the private sector and the voluntary community and social enterprise sectors, aimed at producing more Social Value in Salford.

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What do we mean by producing Social Value? We mean that an integral part of how we do business should be a consideration of: happiness; well-being; health; inclusion; empowerment; growth; and the environment. We believe that organisations should consider these alongside considerations of profit, customer service and quality. We believe that if more businesses and groups considered their Social Value that Salford would be an even better place than it is right now.

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The Salford Social Value Alliance pursues its goals by sharing good ideas across the sectors, commissioning helpful research and supporting all types of organisations to deliver their services and contracts with Social Value in mind.

The Salford Social Value Alliance meets quarterly and is supported by a Core Group which meets monthly to steer and deliver the activity of the Alliance.

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