Unlimited Potential

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Unlimited Potential pledge to tackle poverty and play our part in improving the following by 10% in our city by:

By 2021, Unlimited Potential will:

  1. increase its membership by 10% (4 people to 42 total)
  2. increase the members attending its annual meetings by 10% (2 people to 22 total)
  3. increase the proportion of non-direct/staffing expenditure spent with ethical suppliers by 10% (to 55%)
  4. increase the proportion of employees that are local residents [live within 5 miles of normal work base] by 10% (to 88%)
  5. improve its energy efficiency by 10% (to 0.633 tonnes CO2e per person)
  6. reduce its waste by 10% (to 37.4 bins per person)
  7. reduce its travel emissions by 10% (commuting to 0.494 tonnes C02e per person; business travel to 0.113 tonnes C02e per person)