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By 2021 Salford CVS pledge to:

Volunteering: increase the number of volunteers that register with our service by 10%

Wellbeing: put in place a plan to improve staff and volunteers’ wellbeing

Reducing waste: reduce the amount of waste associated with copying and printing by 10%

Recycling: increase the volume of our office recycling by 10%

Parks and open space: lead the establishment of a VOCAL VCSE Environment and Greenspace group during 2017, whose role will include increasing VCSE sector activity in parks and open spaces in Salford

Living Wage: use its status as an Accredited Living Wage Employer to recruit 6 more VCSE organisations to become accredited

Fuel poverty: work with Salford’s Affordable Warmth campaign to recruit 10% more members into the Affordable Warmth Network

Purchasing from Salford companies: increase the amount of non-employee related expenditure which is made in Salford by 10%