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On behalf of Salford City Council, I, Paul Dennett, Salford City Mayor, pledge that we will contribute to the Salford campaign and make 10% improvements in the following ways:

Our pledge is that…

  • We will increase in the number of staff participating in the council’s ’24 hours to make a difference’ staff volunteering scheme by 10%
  • We will recruit 10% more people from priority groups into employment opportunities (including apprenticeships).
  • We will increase the number of Salford people saying they are physically active by 10% (measured by Active Lives Adult Survey)
  • We will increase the number of children and young people reporting improved mental wellbeing by 10% (measured by Bee Well survey)
  • We will improve uptake of oral health promotion in schools and early years settings by 10%.
  • We will seek to encourage a 10% reduction in the amount non-recyclable household waste (black bin) collected in Salford through continued promotion of reduce, reuse and recycling messages
  • We will increase renewable energy generation on Salford City Council Land and Buildings by 10% (1,035MWh)
  • We will increase the number of carbon literate council staff and councillors by 10%
  • We will enable a 10% increase in the number of people using the city’s parks and green spaces
  • We will encourage a 10% increase in the number of accredited Living Wage Employers in Salford and our supply chain.
  • We will enable a 10% increase in the number of residents (and staff) supported to improve their digital skills
  • We will work to enable a 10% increase in the value of purchasing from organisations based in Salford

Our pledge will contribute to improving the following outcomes for the City of Salford:

  • Less waste
  • More recycling
  • Less carbon emissions
  • More use and care of blue and green spaces
  • More volunteering
  • More Salford people with good wellbeing
  • More digital inclusion
  • More companies paying the LW Foundation Living Wage
  • More people who are in employment, education and training
  • More purchasing from Salford based companies