P. P. O’Connor

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On behalf of P.P. O’Connor, I, Charmaine O’Connor, Chief Executive, pledge that we will contribute to the campaign and make 10% improvements in the following areas:

  • Caring for the environment by actively minimising the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites by maximising the amount of materials that can be recycled.
  • Reducing our Carbon Emissions by continually renewing our fleet and machinery to ensure optimum performance and efficiency and by becoming a Carbon Neutral Business by 2030.
  • Use local suppliers for any materials/products and use any locally sourced plant and equipment required for our business operations.
  • More volunteering with the local community as a business and working in partnership with local communities and authorities to charitable donations.
  • More care and use of blue and green spaces by keeping the community clean and tidy in the areas we work.
  • Employing people from the areas in which we work, actively contributing to local economic growth by keeping the locally earned pound within the local community.
  • Offering employment opportunities with more people in education, employment, training, work placements and offering placements to our apprenticeship programme.
  • Paying our employees the LW Foundation Living Wage.

Our pledge will contribute to improving the following outcomes for the City of Salford:

  • Less waste
  • More recycling
  • Less carbon emissions
  • More use and care of blue and green spaces
  • More volunteering
  • More Salford people with good wellbeing
  • More digital inclusion
  • More companies paying the Living Wage Foundation Living Wage
  • More people who are in employment, education and training
  • More purchasing from Salford based companies