New Beginnings Project

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On behalf of New Beginnings Project, I, Christine Barker, pledge that we will contribute to the Salford campaign and make 10% improvements in the following ways:

Our pledge is that we will support and encourage people, especially, older people to visit parks and green spaces. We will also discuss and participate in continuing participation in less waste and recycling. We will help support people in Salford saying they have good wellbeing, by continuing the Wellbeing discussions, support the tech and tea sessions via, Inspiring communities. We will also continue to have coffee mornings to help support positive wellbeing, by the wellbeing calls, meeting up at the coffee mornings to help ensure people are sharing, talking meeting friend and participating in activities.

Our pledge will contribute to improving the following outcomes for the City of Salford:

  • More Salford people saying that they have good wellbeing
  • More recycling
  • More use of parks and green spaces
  • Less waste – fuel, rubbish, energy, water, etc