Kenny Waste Management

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On behalf of Kenny Waste Management, I, Alex Mayes, Responsible Business Manager, pledge that we will contribute to the campaign and make 10% improvements in the following areas:

  • We will offer 10% more classroom time to help students understand career choices and be inspired by future options
  • We will offer 10% more paid work placement hours to those who are finding accessing the workplace a challenge
  • We will offer 10% more apprenticeship weeks across the entire business
  • We will offer 10% more hours to the community via our employee volunteer scheme
  • We will encourage 10% more of employees to commute to work sustainably (walk, cycle, bus)

Additionally,  we remain committed to paying the Living Wage to all new employees and for prioritising Salford based businesses during the procurement process.

Our pledge will contribute to improving the following outcomes for the City of Salford:

  • Less waste
  • More recycling
  • More volunteering
  • More Salford people with good wellbeing
  • More companies paying the Living Wage Foundation Living Wage
  • More people who are in employment, education and training
  • More purchasing from Salford based companies