On behalf of Foundations I , Damon Webster,pledge to tackle poverty and play our part in improving the following by 10% in our city by

1. Continue to access volunteer placements for our young people and encourage them to offer their services and continue to make a contribution to the community.
2. Ensure all young people in education, employment or training maintain their placements and access more apprenticeships for our young people.
3. Ensure regular health checks for young people inclusive of dentist, GP’s and hospital appointments. Encourage ongoing young people’s access to gym’s , swimming pools and eat healthily.
4. Young people at Claremont Road have two vegetable patches where they plant, grow and harvest potatoes, carrots, cabbage and corn and cook and eat their own produce.
5. Promote green travel both staff and young people.
6. Our ethos continues to promote to all our young people to live in harmony with their neighbours and make a contribution to the community in which they reside.