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On behalf of Eric Wright Civil Engineering, I, Scott Latta, Social Value Manager, pledge that we will contribute to the campaign and make 10% improvements in the following areas:

  • We will pay the LW Foundation Living Wage to all our employees
  • We will maximise opportunities for local people through jobs, training, apprenticeships, mentoring and support
  • We will educate and inspire, through the Eric Wright Learning Foundation, engaging with Salford Schools, Colleges & universities
  • We will reduce waste and divert at least 98% away from landfill
  • We will encourage staff to utilise volunteering day with Salford VCE’s

Our pledge will contribute to improving the following outcomes for the City of Salford:

  • Less waste
  • More recycling
  • More volunteering
  • More companies paying the LW Foundation Living Wage More people who are in employment, education and training