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Contact Photographic Services Ltd pledge to tackle poverty and play our part in improving the following by 10% in our city by:

  1. We pledge that in all our dealings with Salford City Council we will be mindful of the necessity for the “Salford pound” to be used to obtain the greatest benefit for the people of Salford.
  2. We will strive to ensure that we continually improve the service and value for money which we give to Salford City Council and its citizens by careful monitoring of our
  3. We will, wherever possible, source supplies from local businesses and be mindful of the Council’s Social Value Vision in our recruitment practices.
  4. We will minimise the impact on the environment in Salford, and generally, by the careful management of logistics, and through the materials we use and the production methods we employ.
  5. We further pledge to assist charitable causes in the Salford area whenever it is possible for us to do so eg. this year we have assisted Disabled Living Services.