Make a 10% Better Pledge

We want to tackle the inequality and poverty in Salford and improve wellbeing and quality of life for the people who live here and our aim is to maximise the local benefit from all money spent in Salford. If we can involve the many private sector businesses, public sector organisations, as well as voluntary and community groups and social enterprises working here in Salford, our chance of success will be greater.

So we are asking you to lead your organisation in pledging to make Salford 10% Better.

  • Pledge that my organisation will use social value to make Salford 10% better doing what we can however small, to tackle poverty and play our part in improving the following in Salford:

  • Please upload your organisation's logo, so that we can display it on our Pledges page! No more than 140px wide!
  • This pledge will be published online at where you will also be able to download our Campaign Pack from the summer of 2018. Please use the link to tell others about 10% Better and ask 2 other organisations to pledge too

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