More purchases from Salford based companies

  • This pledge promotes and encourages increased spend with Salford based companies and organisations.
  • Keeping spend local supports the local economy, local employment and adds social economic value and benefit to the local area.
  • Thinking about how, where and who we spend our money with can have a positive impact on our local businesses and organisations.
  • We urge you to support increasing spend with our local Salford based companies.

Local businesses provide many economic benefits to the local community. The benefits of increasing spend with local companies are:

  • It helps to strengthen the local economy.
  • More money stays within the local community.
  • The local economy is strengthened, which helps strengthen the whole community.
  • Creates demand for local jobs.
  • You are supporting local businesses.
  • Local businesses are often owned by local people who also live in the local community, meaning they are less likely to leave and are more invested in the community’s future.
  • It helps to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint.

We would welcome your commitment and support to increasing spend with Salford based companies and would hope that you are able to show your support by pledging to support our local businesses.

Join us now by pledging to spend with Salford based businesses. Make a pledge.