More digital inclusion

Salford is determined to be a 100% digitally inclusive city to make sure no one is left behind as digital connectivity and digital skills are becoming more and more central to accessing goods and services, and interacting with friends, family and public services like the council and NHS.

We want to make sure that residents have the capability to use the internet to do things that benefit them day to day. We aim to ensure our residents have access to the kit, connectivity and are equipped with the skills they need to make use of our Digital City.

Therefore, we will enable a 10% increase in the number of residents supported to improve their digital skills.

It is vital that we eliminate digital exclusion in Salford:

  • Making Salford 100% digitally inclusive has the potential to strengthen Salford’s economy, make public services more accessible, and improve residents’ quality of life.
  • Strengthening digital skills and improving access to digital devices and the internet is central to Salford’s plans to tackle poverty and build a better, fairer city.
  • Better digital skills will improve residents’ job prospects, as well as their ability to access opportunities and services in education, health and well-being, and financial services.
  • Access to the internet and digital devices will make it easier for residents to remain connected with family and friends and to interact with public services.

If you feel like you or your organisation could contribute to the digital inclusion agenda, please consider joining our Digital Providers Network, a co-ordinating network of digital partners and providers from across the public sector, voluntary and community sector as well as business partners.

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