Less waste and more recycling

Salford is committed to building a more inclusive and greener economy for all. Adopting more sustainable waste management practices will help the city realise that vision.

We will seek to encourage a 10% reduction in the amount of non-recyclable household waste (black bin) collected in Salford through continued promotion of reduce, reuse and recycling messages and encourage everyone who lives and works in the city to play their part.

Reducing the amounts of waste produced by Salford households and increasing the city’s recycling rate promises various environmental and economic benefits:

  • It will contribute to Salford’s efforts to decarbonise and achieve carbon neutrality by 2038.
  • It will help address harmful forms of pollution such as plastic pollution.
  • Reducing the amount of non-recycled waste, and boosting recycling rates, would reduce overall waste disposal costs in Salford, allowing savings to be invested in other public services.
  • Higher levels of recycling and reuse and reductions in total waste will allow us to use resources more efficiently and create a circular economy.
  • Reducing food waste can save the average family of four over £60 per month.

From clothes to food to packaging, find out how making small changes can help you to waste less and save money.

There are plenty of tips on the Recycle for Greater Manchester website on how you can reduce, reuse and recycle the waste you produce.

Join us now by pledging to reduce waste and promote recycling. Make a pledge.